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John S. Young

Board Certified | Criminal Law
by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

John S. Young has over 23 years of criminal trial experience and is the President of the Law Offices of John S. Young, P.C. With offices in Sweetwater, San Angelo and Abilene, Texas, Mr. Young handles all types of criminal cases in state and federal courts across West Texas, including Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Snyder, Pecos and surrounding areas. John is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. John believes that it is important to provide aggressive, hard fought legal representation for every client—the same kind of representation that he would want, if he or one of his family members were accused of a crime. John’s personal and professional experiences and his extensive trial experience in criminal law matters bring a unique perspective and experience to his representation of each client in criminal law matters.

Mr. Young served as a criminal prosecutor while serving as an Assistant District Attorney in the Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney’s Office from 1988 to 1990. After leaving the District Attorney’s Office in 1990, John joined the law firm of Nunn, Griggs, Jones and Sheridan and began practicing criminal defense law in Sweetwater, Texas. He later became a partner in the law firm Jones, Edwards and Young, L.L.C. and in 1997 founded the Law Offices of John S. Young, P.C. An aggressive and zealous advocate, John’s passion is to fight the fight for folks that cannot, for whatever reason, fight for themselves and to ensure that each and every client receives the zealous, hard fought defense that they deserve. John aggressively defends each client that is accused of any crimes by the government, including all misdemeanors and the most serious felony crimes in state and federal court. John is one of only a few lawyers certified to be appointed as lead counsel in capital murder cases in which the death penalty is sought in the 7th Administrative Judicial Region of Texas.

John believes that a criminal defense lawyer must work harder and smarter to ensure that every piece of evidence, every fact, beneficial to a client is available to be used before the jury. He frequently associates experts from numerous fields to assist on particular issues that may help in presenting a client’s case to a jury. John believes it is vitally important to use every resource available to ensure that his clients receive the best defense possible. John’s passion for the criminal law and his commitment to each client is demonstrated by his vigorous advocacy for every client - both in the courtroom and in preparing each case for trial. Although John has a good working relationship with many prosecutors, case agents and law enforcement personnel across West Texas, he understands that it is not his job to be “friends” with prosecutors, case agents or law enforcement personnel, or any court. It is John’s job to protect his clients and to take care of those who have entrusted their life, liberty and family to him and his law firm. John views each client, and the case presented by each client from the same perspective that he would want if he or a member of his family were accused of a crime. John’s personal and professional experience provides a unique understanding and perspective on the effect that a criminal allegation has against the accused and his family.

In addition to his extensive trial experience, John has written and presented papers at various criminal defense seminars on trying sexual assault cases, sexual assault of children, trial advocacy, legal ethics and the Texas Rules of Evidence. John believes it is important to maintain an active and current knowledge of the law and the changes in the criminal law brought by the Texas Legislature and decisions of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to ensure that each client has “cutting edge” legal resources and knowledge to defend his or her case.

John believes in the criminal justice system but fully understands that the “system” is only as fair and honest as those that control it. Often, the most difficult part of a case is getting a level playing field to begin a trial. John’s 23 years of experience, his extensive trial experience, his aggressive use of resources and experts and his common sense approach to the defense of the accused provides each client the certainty that he or she will receive an aggressive defense and begin the trial with a fair and level playing field.


Texas Tech University School of Law, Doctor of Jurisprudence, 1988

University of Texas at Austin, Bachelors of Arts in Government, 1983

Professional Certifications

Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, 1998; recertified 2003, 2008, 2013

Certified as Lead Counsel in Capital Murder Cases in Which the Death Penalty is Sought, Seventh Judicial Administrative Region of Texas, 2002 – 2014

State Court Admittance

Texas Supreme Court

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Texas Courts of Appeal

State District Courts and Criminal District Courts

Misdemeanor Courts

Federal Courts of Admittance

United States Supreme Court

United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit

United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas

United States District Court for the Western District of Texas

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas

Professional Associations

State Bar of Texas

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (Assoc. Director 2000-2002, Director 2002-2008)

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Educational Institute (Executive Committee 2004-2012, Chairman 2011-2012)

Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Project, Executive Committee (2002-2007)

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Concho Valley Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (Charter Member)

Big Country Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Nolan County Bar Association (President 1995-1996)

Criminal Justice Section, State Bar of Texas

District 16-C Grievance Committee (1996-2002)

District 16-C Grievance Panel Chairman (1999-2000)

District 16-C Grievance Committee Chairman (2000-2002)

Publications and Presentations

TCDLA "Attacking Forensic Evidence and Child Abuse Allegations Seminar", Paper - Attacking Sexual Abuse Examinations

TCDLA-CDLP "CDLP Practice Seminar", Paper - Final Arguments

TILS "SB7 Court Appointed Attorney Certification Seminar", Paper - Forensic Trial Skills

TCDLA “Search and Seizure Seminar”

TCDLA-CDLP “Evidence for the 21st Century Seminar”, Paper - Articles IX and X, Texas Rules of Evidence

TCDLA “Legal and Forensic Issues in Child Abuse Cases Seminar”, Paper - What Every Criminal Practitioner Should Know About Sexual Assault Examinations

Course Co-Director, TCDLA-CDLP, A Day in the Life of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

TCDLA-CDLP Criminal Defense Trial Advocacy Training, Paper - Avoiding the Grievance Before it is Filed: A New Perspective on the Attorney Client Relationship; TCDLA Seminar

Course Director—CDLP-TCDLA Evidence Seminar

CDLP: Anatomy of the Win Seminar- Speaker

Areas of Practice


  • Drug Conspiracy
  • Murder
  • Capital Murder
  • Gun and Weapon Offenses
  • Pornography
  • Child Pornography
  • Bank Robbery
  • Fraud, Health Care Fraud, FEMA Fraud
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Search and Seizure Issues
  • Revocation of Supervised Release


  • Murder
  • Capital Murder
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Delivery
  • Aggravated Crimes
    • Aggravated Robbery
    • Aggravated Sexual Assault
    • Aggravated Assult
  • Burglary
  • Theft, Fraud
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Conspiracy and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity
  • Search and Seizure Issues
  • Probation Revocation

At the Law Offices of John S. Young, P.C. we are committed to fighting the fight that others, for whatever reason, cannot fight themselves and to ensure that every client receives the zealous, hard fought representation they deserve. We are dedicated to the aggressive and tenacious pursuit of every legal and ethical avenue to protect the rights of our clients. We pledge to our clients to maintain the utmost degree of professionalism and integrity while providing quality, thorough and aggressive representation and zealously ensuring the rights of our clients are protected. We listen and understand the challenges facing our clients and work to establish an atmosphere of compassion, trust, and respect.

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