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Areas of Practice


Drug Conspiracy


Capital Murder

Gun and Weapon Offenses


Child Pornography

Bank Robbery

Fraud, Health Care Fraud, FEMA Fraud

White Collar Crimes

Search and Seizure Issues

Revocation of Supervised Release



Capital Murder

Drug Possession

Drug Delivery


Aggravated Crimes

Aggravated Robbery

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Assult


Theft, pFraud

White Collar Crimes

Conspiracy and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

Search and Seizure Issues

Probation Revocation

At the Law Offices of John S. Young, P.C. we are committed to fighting the fight that others, for whatever reason, cannot fight themselves and to ensure that every client receives the zealous, hard fought representation they deserve. We are dedicated to the aggressive and tenacious pursuit of every legal and ethical avenue to protect the rights of our clients. We pledge to our clients to maintain the utmost degree of professionalism and integrity while providing quality, thorough and aggressive representation and zealously ensuring the rights of our clients are protected. We listen and understand the challenges facing our clients and work to establish an atmosphere of compassion, trust, and respect.

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